Sergio Cariello

Sergio Cariello is a multi-award winning, Eisner Nominated, artist whose career started at age 11 with inventing “Frederico, The Detective” for his local newspaper, in Recife , Brazil. Since then he has worked as a Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer, Illustrator, Caricaturist, Colorist, and Painter. His résumé includes Marvel, DC, Disney, Caliber, Dark Horse, Idea & Design Works, Todd McFarlane Productions, Image, Family Life Publishers, Crossgen, AcrossThePond, Zondervan/Harper Collins, David C. Cook, Dynamite, Focus on the Family, and others. For 7 consecutive years he taught at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. where he attended before getting hired to work as a ghost Letterer at Marvel Bullpen. Prior to his Art training he graduated from the “Word of Life Bible Institute.” The many comics he has worked on include, Superman, Batman, The Lone Ranger, Thor, Captain America, Young Justice, Avengers, Superboy, Hawkman, Catwoman, The Flash, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Spider-man, X-Men, Daredevil, Conan The Barbarian, Iron-Man, AND many others too numerous to type here.
You may know him from the beautifully illustrated and God-inspired work, The Action Bible from David C. Cook, which has sold over 2.3 million English copies in North America. The Action Bible family of products has more than 85 million units in print worldwide since it launched in 2010. The Action Bible has been translated into 29+ languages and is distributed in 32+ countries (10-15 additional language translations will be completed in 2020). An excerpt from the Bible, The Story of Jesus Christ, is available in more than 50 languages and has been distributed in more than 51+ million copies in 97+ countries. A special edition of The Action Bible released in 2020 for the 10th anniversary called The Action Bible Expanded Edition featuring 128 new pages.

Sergio is also the worship leader and lead vocalist for his local church, where he’s an ordained minister.

Sergio Cariello has worked on various projects for Calvary Curriculum including, but not limited to “The Life of Jesus“, “Genesis“, “Jonah“, and various “Classroom Posters.”

Thiago Del Ponte

Thiago Del Ponte lives with his wife and son in the city of Ibaté, state of São Paulo, Brazil. He has been a graphic designer and illustrator since 2006 when he graduated from Design College. He is currently towards his passion of a comic book artist. His many works include book covers, album covers, illustrations for magazines, illustrations for newspapers, books, websites, and many designs for product packaging.
Thiago Del Ponte has worked on various projects for Calvary Curriculum including the “Revelation” curriculum, both “Armor of God” posters found in the “Classroom Posters” section, and the upcoming “Daniel” curriculum.